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Capture the player's Full Name including the Squad Player Name Prefix data#457


Currently Battlemetrics can be inconsistent in how it displays the Player’s name. Sometimes you’ll see the name without the tags (Player Name Prefix from Squad) and other times it’s there.

Having the Player’s name - or a new field for Player Full Name containing the tags would be very helpful in doing some advanced triggers. As an example communities can remind Members with a BM member Player Flag to put their tags on if they’re not on. For events, triggers could be made to force players from different communities/clans to the team they’re supposed to be on as they join. Could also use the tag to create friendly clan triggers for messages and such.

Regardless of how you’d use it, it would be nice for Battlemetrics to consistantly store and use the full name. I’d love to see my community’s members grouped up in BM player list because of the tag, however because it’s inconsistant, that never happens.

I’ve attached a screenshot showing that Battlemetrics should be able to get this information based on testing I did using Warn Player options.

3 months ago