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Multi Select Listbox#418

A multi select listbox has multiple use case which can help make triggers and conditions become more efficient to setup.

  1. An action, let’s say it’s called Change To Random Map or Set Next Random Map, can be useful for seeding phase. For example, setting up a trigger for seeding mode where we can change the map to random map selected through the listbox. If we want the maps to rotate randomnly between 3 seed maps only then we can just select the three maps on the listbox.

  2. In conditions, this can be helpful instead of adding a condition for flags, maps, etc. one by one. For example, I want to setup a trigger to do some actions if a player has a flag1, flag2, flag3, flag4, flag5, and so on. Instead of creating a new line for each condition, we can just select the flags on a listbox, either it can be an AND or OR condition.

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